The demons of history, or the triviality of oblivion
Roman Kurkiewicz talks with Fr. Wojciech Lemański and Adam Lipszyc

  • The demons of history, or the triviality of oblivion

Gustav Metzger’s installation – “Eichmann and the Angel” is the first work in the artist’s oeuvre to directly relate to the issue of the Holocaust, once again raising the question of responsibility, power and violence.

In what way can we remember and cherish the memory of the Holocaust? Can history teach us anything, can it prevent anything? Should each of us sit in Eichmann’s cage for a while? And if so, what questions should we then ask ourselves? What is our perception of it today, and do we still call it the History? Is memory and remembering a good term for our obligations towards the past?

Adam Lipszyc – philosopher, translator of and researcher into Walter Benjamin’s work, and Wojciech Lemański, a Catholic priest, whose interests include the memory of the Holocaust and the issues of Polish – Jewish relations, will participate in the discussion provoked by Metzger’s work.

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