“Continuity”, director: Omer Fast
Film screening as part of the series „The Museum Enters the Square”

  • “Continuity”, director: Omer Fast

Shown at one of the most prestigious contemporary art exhibitions of the previous years, namely dOCUMENTA 13 in Kassel (2012), “Continuity”, which can also mean a detailed script, is a film that shows the “return” of a young German soldier from his service in Afghanistan.

Parents pick him up from a railway station and drive him home where they eat supper and try to talk. The film presents three variants of the same situation, each time with a different actor playing the son coming home from war. It reveals the impossibility to successfully cope with the experience of war in the Western societies involved in warfare. Additionally, the movie is a very interesting formal experiment where realism smoothly intertwines with the poetics of a thriller.


Omer Fast (born 1972) is an Israeli artist residing in Berlin. In his movies he investigates how such media as television and cinema process and construct reality. Fast also analyzes frameworks within which we create narratives about the world and ourselves and examines the influence of media, memory and traumatic experiences on these narratives.

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