Atlas of Crime. Lecture by Nabil Ahmed

  • Atlas of Crime. Lecture by Nabil Ahmed

    Tropical cyclone Winston over Fiji islands.

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw ivites to a lecture by Nabil Ahmed, "Atlas of Crime", which will be preceded by a half-hour guided tour of the exhibition, "A Beast, a God, and a Line", and an introduction by Sebastian Cichocki.

"Throughout human history, nature has suffered significant harm in conflicts, whether as an intended target, collateral damage or as a weapon of war. In the new era of climate war, the motive for environmental destruction is not victory of one army over another but corporate profit under state sanctioned impunity. Human action has shaped nature in profound ways, so much so that it is intruding into society in more violent and unpredictable ways. There is no law that protects the earth and its poor from ecocide, the missing crime against peace. My lecture approaches this legal and moral gap as a site of production in exploring how politically engaged architecture and historically grounded visual culture offer new possibilities of resistance, for an earth centric law to define the crime of our era" - Nabil Ahmed.

Nabil Ahmed

Was born in 1978 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He lives and works in London. Ahmed is the initiator of INTERPRT, an independent research project, which gathers data to create an alternative forum for the prosecution of crimes committed on the natural environment in the region of Pacific. The aim of the project is to investigate fraud using spatial and media analysis and to support the fight for the recognition of "ecocide" as a crime in the light of international law.

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