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    Afrikan Sciences, photo by Prisca Lobjoy

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw kindly invites you to a concert of African Sciences, accompanying the "After Year Zero" exhibition.

Afrikan Sciences (Eric Douglas Porter) stands solidly as one of the most innovative producers to surface in recent times. Affectionately titled the Rhythm Czar, Porter has steadily become one of the most well respected creators in Electronic music. Once described as the love child of Afrika Bambaataa and science-fiction writer Octavia Butler, the grandSun of Ra, Porter's production has always crafted a marriage between various forms of music and sci-fi with an emphasis on freedom in tempos and meter.

An accomplished DJ/Live Performer, his repertoire ranges from nu-soul, free jazz to experimental electronic orientations, appearing in venues like the BlueNote(NY) ,Jazz Cafe(London), Prince Charles(Berlin), Jazz House(Copenhagen), Nublu(Istanbul), and Boiler Room TV. Porter has released 4 benchmark albums, transcending jazz, techno and hip hop with pineal Afro-futurist vision. Porter is always exploring new ways to bring feeling and unique expressions into the electronic realms. Liberating perceptions by offering a positive vision of how relations between modern rhythmic music and African American history can be highlighted and explored artistically.

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