Statement of support
L'Internationale Confederation on an earthquake in Turkey and Syria

  • Statement of support

    Picture od Hatay city on February 10th, photo by Ateş Alpar

We, the L’Internationale Confederation, are devastated by the news of the severe earthquake in the regions of Turkey and Syria.

The death toll is already above 30,000 lives and milions of people are without a home or adequate shelter. After a week of tireless and unbowed rescue efforts in harsh winter weather there are still miraculous rescues happening that give moments of hope. Above all, the international effort that is now being organised must focus on the victims and offer them care and support both material and spiritual.

We’d like to express our solidarity with all people affected by this tragedy and especially with our colleagues and friends at SALT, with whom we collaborate closely as part of the confederation. We stand by them now and beyond the immediate aftermath of this catastrophe to help them hold their resolve and rebuild for the future.

We would like to urge all our friends and colleagues in the international art community to support the relief efforts by donating to any of the organisations below. The list has been drawn up together with SALT in Istanbul and to our knowledge represents the most credible and effective NGOs working in the region:


If you would like to send materials: