what about support and what about struggle

  • what about support and what about struggle

L’Internationale Online launches its newest e-publication, "what about support and what about struggle", a collection of poetic responses on the most essential topic of today; how to survive un/natural catastrophes?

In November of 2020, Francis Lo’s volume of poetry "A Series of Un/Natural Disasters" (Commune Editions, 2016) was sent as a gift and an invitation to poets and artists Napo Masheane, Leuli Eshraghi, Merve Unsal, Taco de Raya, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, and Fernanda Laguna with the proposition to resituate its critique of catastrophe discourse in other urgent pasts and presents. "what about support and what about struggle" is the result of that proposition: an international speculative translation project where writers and artists across a range of geopolitical contexts have responded to Lo’s work across languages, forms, and aesthetic-political concerns.

For reading online, downloading, sharing and DIY printing. 

Napo Masheane, Léuli Eshraghi, Merve Unsal, Taco de Raya, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Francis Lo, Fernanda Laguna, Jennifer Hayashida, Corina Oprea

Jennifer Hayashida and Corina Oprea

Francis Lo
Born in Manapla, Philippines, Francis Lo is a gender-queer poet based in the U.S. Published by Commune Editions in 2016, “A Series of Un/Natural Disasters” reads the U.S.-based scenes and events of Hurricanes Katrina (2005) and Sandy (2012) in order to wonder about collective possibility as it intersects with state failures: what potentials might emerge when we read against the grain of precarity and erasure? What are the poetics we are left with when the un/natural entanglements of “disaster” are taken apart and reconstructed? Lo’s text utilizes translation as one of many methods to examine and critique what scholars such as Orlando Patterson term “social death”, that is, a condition of not being recognized – especially by nation-state apparatuses – as fully human, vis-a-vis a poetics of mutual aid represented through assemblage, transcription, data-gathering, interview, and still-life.

L'Internationale Online
L’Internationale Online is a platform for research and art, launched in 2014 by the museum confederation L’Internationale and currently managed by HDK-Valand Art Academy, operating within the framework of the four-year programme Our Many Europes.

The members of the editorial board are
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