Artistic residencies for persons from Ukraine and Belarus

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The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (MSN Warsaw) and the L’Internationale confederation of museums announce an open recruitment for artistic residencies for persons from Ukraine or Belarus. Applications may be submitted through 11 April 2023.

The residency programme is aimed at developing cooperation with creators (educators, culture managers, artists, etc) from Ukraine and Belarus. The residencies are an expression of solidarity with the artistic community of these countries, where armed conflict or an authoritarian regime prevents them from working in their homeland. The artistic residencies at MSN Warsaw are part of the larger “Museum of the Commons” project implemented by the confederation of European museums L’Internationale, under the auspices of the Creative Europe programme.

Two individuals will be selected in the recruitment for the 2023 residencies. Each of them will cooperate with a staff member of the Education Department at MSN Warsaw. The aim of the four-month residency is to implement a set of activities combining methods of artistic and educational practice. The residencies are an opportunity for shared learning, inventing new artistic and cognitive tools, expanding cooperation, and contact with art. A portion of the activities of the resident should be implemented in cooperation with the Youth Centre now being formed (a community of international youth focused around MSN Warsaw) and the “Sunflower” Solidarity Cultural Centre. The selected residents will be invited to join in the activities of the Bródno Sculpture Park, a long-term artistic experiment of MSN Warsaw developed in cooperation with the residents of the Targówek district of Warsaw.

The concepts generated by the resident and the developed formats for activities will become integral components of the programme of MSN Warsaw, and will also be included in the international network for exchange of experiences in art and culture as key elements of a democratic society.

Each residency will culminate in a week-long study visit to one of MSN Warsaw’s partner institutions in the confederation L’Internationale.

L'Internationale, the confederation of major European museums and art institutions, research centres and think-tanks, takes its name from the workers' anthem calling for an equitable democratic society, and references the historical labour movement. In learning from local and shared histories, L’Internationale focuses on what is to come, in imagining, developing and implementing new visions for a future that will be just, democratic and sustainable for everyone, planetwide.

Over the coming four years, L’Internationale will implement Museum of the Commons (2023–2027), a project supported by the EU Creative Europe programme. During this period, the confederation will comprise 14 institutions: Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid); MACBA (Barcelona); M HKA (Antwerp); MSN (Warsaw), Salt (Istanbul), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven), MSU (Zagreb), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), HDK-Valand (Gothenburg), NCAD (Dublin), ZRC SAZU (Ljubljana); the Institute for Radical Imagination (Italy), (Romania), the Visual Culture Research Center (Kyiv), and two associate partners, IMMA (Dublin) and WIELS (Brussels), along with the L’Internationale Association.

How to apply for a residency?
Between 22 March and 11 April 2023, complete the online application form, which will involve submission of:

  • CV and portfolio in (PDF, up to 5MB, in Polish or English) or as a link to a website
  • Concept for the project you want to develop during the residency (PDF, up to 5MB, in Polish or English)

The form and enclosed materials should be submitted in either Polish or English.

Any more questions?
Email us at:

Who can apply for a residency, and under what rules?

  1. The project is addressed to persons from Ukraine or Belarus who due to the war or political situation left their country and cannot function there artistically. Persons who crossed the Polish border prior to 24 February 2022 may also take part in the project.
  2. The residency will last for a period of four months.
  3. In 2023, residencies will be held during two periods: 1) May–August 2023 and 2) September–December 2023.
  4. In the application form, you should indicate which of the periods you wish to apply for. You may select both periods.
  5. Recruitment for the residencies will be held from 22 March 2023 through 11 April 2023. After that time, the museum team will assess the applications and meet with selected persons before announcing the results.
  6. Applicants will be notified of the results of the recruitment on or before 17 April 2023.
  7. The residency is intended for persons with experience working in the culture sector (artists, promotors of culture and education) who like working directly with people. The decisive criteria will be the applicants’ experience and the concept they intend to pursue. Education in one of the indicated fields will be an additional strength.
  8. In the application, using the online form, applicants should submit their CV and portfolio (in PDF format, one file, max. 5MB).
  9. In the application, using the online form, applicants should submit a description of the preliminary concept which they intend to pursue in the residency (in PDF format, one file, max. 5MB).
  10. Both the experience and the preliminary concept should reflect joint creation of initiatives or works, and not just presentation of completed objects.
  11. Persons applying for the residency should be fluent enough in Polish or English to freely communicate in one of those languages.
  12. The museum will provide gross remuneration of EUR 520 per month for the duration of the residency. The time expected to be devoted to activities related to the residency is about two days or 16 hours per week.
  13. The museum will provide funds in the gross amount of EUR 1,150 for production of artistic events and initiatives resulting from the cooperation during the residency. The payment details will be agreed individually with the persons invited to cooperate in the project.
  14. It is also permissible to apply for the residency as a duo or collective, but the remuneration and funds for implementation of the project will remain unchanged. In the case of a duo or collective, the agreement formalizing the residency will be concluded with one person.
  15. For the duration of the residency, the Museum, through its partnership with PUK Poland, can provide free accommodation in Warsaw, in a studio apartment in a well-connected neighborhood close to downtown. However, this is not a space suitable for an artist's studio.
  16. The team of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, in conjunction with the Blyzkist group, will make a selection from the submitted applications, and contact and meet with selected persons, in order to take a decision and invite them to further cooperation.
  17. In light of the changing legal regulations and the varying situation of the individuals who may apply for the residency, the formal details for signing of the agreement will be individually arranged with the persons invited to cooperate in the project.



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