L’Internationale new research and publishing platform

  • L’Internationale new research and publishing platform


Ten years since its inception L’Internationale Online is delighted to announce the launch of its new research and publishing platform.


Under the editorship of Nick Aikens and the editorial board, and developed by Anja Groten, Joel Galvez and Karl Moubarak, the platform marks a new chapter for L’Internationale Online and the confederation more broadly. The platform is conceived as the common space of L’Internationale and its constituents, regularly commissioning and publishing diverse content that informs, reflects on and is in dialogue with the network’s activities. It is also the space for the network to respond to urgent political and cultural debates.

L’Internationale Online
Since 2013 L’Internationale Online is the common platform for research, debate and communication for the confederation. L’Internationale Online is a space where commissioned texts, research and artistic projects intersect with the activities, collections and archives of the members’ institutions. It includes a growing library of publications produced by the platform, as well as by the partner institutions, available for download. L’Internationale Online is also a platform for the network to publish statements and opinion pieces on topical cultural and political debates.

L’Internationale Online is conceived as the shared platform of the partners of the confederation. It offers a space where both differences and commonalities appear and are debated. LIO approaches publishing as an ongoing dialogue with the various activities of L’Internationale.

The editorial board, in dialogue with colleagues across the network, commission contributions for the platform. Currently, these contributions are conceived within the three content strands of the ‘Museum of the Commons’ project: ‘Climate’, ‘Situated Organizations’ and ‘Past in the Present’, with which the articles are tagged. The platform also includes contributions from the network’s members.