"This little era lullaby"
L’Internationale Online | 2 pm-5 pm CET

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    Graphic by Rubén García-Castro i María Salgado (ANFIVBIA)

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw presents the online screening program on L'Internationale platform: a recording of the poetic text entitled "This little era lullaby" (Nana de esta pequeña era) by María Salgado and Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca.

“Nana de esta pequeña era / This little era lullaby” is an audiotext produced in 2019 from a rewriting of the lyrics and music of Lorca & La Argentinita's 1931 recording of the popular “Nana de Sevilla”.

Lullabies tend to name a monster (el coco) or a terrifying danger to warn babies to protect themselves. When the listener begins to drift into sleep, the singer progressively omits words until the song disappears. The ideal lullaby, Lorca said, would be the one built with only two notes.

This lullaby for a deeply damaged world was created in the context of the project "Songs for the contemporary social war" (Cancionero de la guerra social contemporánea). After tracing Guy Debord's "Nana de Zarzuela", a 1981 remake of Lorca and La Argentinita's 1931 recording od the popular "Nana de Sevilla", we bring to our present a lullaby for a deeply damaged sociopolitical context.

The recording (12'08 min.) is available on the main site of L'Internationale Online, everyday, from 2 pm - 5 pm CET: ON THE L'INTERNATIONALE ONLINE WEBSITE (headphones recommended).

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