Temporary closing
and cancellation of planned events at the Museum

  • Temporary closing

    Agnes Denes, "Isometric Systems in Isotropic Space - Map Projections: The Snail", 1976. Courtesy of the artist and the acb gallery, Budapest.

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw informs that due to the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage about the suspension of the activity of cultural and artistic education institutions, we postpone the opening of the exhibition “The Penumbral Age. Art in the Time of Planetary Change”, planned for 20 March.

It also means the cancellation of all planned events and the educational program, as well as the closing of both Museum seats, the pavilion on the Vistula and at Pańska Street 3, until further notice. The decision of the crisis staff with the participation of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage to close the institution from March 12, 2020, aims to stopping the spread of COVID19 coronavirus.

We hope that we will soon be able to open our exhibition for you, the subject of which is artistic practice during the climate crisis. Content related to the new exhibition will be systematically shared online and on our social profiles: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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