On 25 October 2024, the Museum of Modern Art in Waraw will open its new home on Plac Defilad. The welcome for the new building—an agenda of events open to all—will last for three weeks and give visitors a preview of future activities at the museum.

In addition to an exhibition of selected works from the MSN Warsaw collection, the opening will include performance pieces, social and educational events, concerts, lectures, and the new edition of the Warsaw Under Construction festival. The museum’s publishing wing will offer new titles, and the new cinema in the building will show its first screenings, accompanied by an extensive public program.

The opening and first few weeks of operation of MSN Warsaw in its new building will primarily feature the presentation of several large-scale sculptures and installation pieces by Polish and international women artists, including Magdalena Abakanowicz, Alina Szapocznikow, Sandra Mujinga and Cecilia Vicuña, and opening of the new edition of the Warsaw Under Construction festival, titled Tough Love: The Museum Between the Square and the Palace.

The 16th edition of the festival will take up the topic of the urban context of the museum’s new home. It will also narrate the history of the surroundings of the Palace of Culture over the past several decades, and address the memory of the place and new fantasies about this site and the future agenda of MSN Warsaw. More broadly, the festival will take up the phenomenon of contemporary museums and their presence in the life of cities.

The agenda for the opening of the new building of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw will include a review of the Polish choreography scene of the last 10 years, as well as a special occasion to explore the museum’s architecture through motion, dance and performative practices. The invited artists will reexamine works already familiar to the Polish audience, returning years later to works previously shown at MSN Warsaw in its earlier incarnations, as well as new projects premiering at the same time as the opening of the new building at ul. Marszałkowska 103.
The second wave of performance pieces in the launch of MSN Warsaw’s new home will be overseen by curators from the Kontakt Collection. The program prepared for MSN Warsaw includes not only performances and actions by contemporary artists, but also reconstructions of two of Július Koller’s “anti-happenings” and a performative exhibition.

We also invite you to Turnus—Show what you can do!—a performance in which anyone can take part. The only limitation will be the parameters of the cinema and the motto “Performance.”

The museum also plans to showcase the building’s architecture through music. During the opening weekend we invite the public to three concerts by world-renowned female musicians from Poland and abroad, whose work intersects pop, the visual arts and alternative culture, and who boldly experiment with styles, music genres, and their own image.

The film program will launch alongside the opening of the new MSN Warsaw building. The Kinomuzeum will cover European arthouse repertoire, genre films, films by artists, documentaries and animation, and offer encounters with creators, and discussions about the art of film with film scholars and practitioners. The cinema will also provide a forum for screening the museum’s own extensive film resources.

Educational projects are a key area of the museum’s operations. An example is the project Primary Forms, developed over the past three years in cooperation with the Roman Czernecki Educational Foundation (Fundacja EFC)—a periodic program for pupils at primary schools throughout Poland.

Last but not least, the museum’s publishing arm, Wydawnictwo MSN, is preparing special publications marking the opening of the new building. A volume by the architectural and urban anthropologist Michał Murawski, titled Form of Friendship: The Museum on the Square, will include an essay by the author, interviews with such figures as the building’s architect Thomas Phifer, architecture critic Deyan Sudjic, urbanist Marlena Happach, and folks from the Sunflower Solidary Community Center. The book will be issued in Polish and English. The second item published on the occasion of the museum’s opening is an album by Marta Ejsmont, a photographer who has documented the process of construction of the MSN Warsaw building over the years. It will offer a unique artistic record of how the new building arose.

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