How to help Ukraine and those affected by the war?
In solidarity with Ukraine

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The war in Ukraine has been going on for more than six months. Help for those in the war-torn country and those who have left Ukraine is still desperately needed.

We encourage you to donate and get involved in support actions for Ukraine. Below you will find examples of tried and tested forms of support

Come Back Alive
the largest support initiative for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Funds go towards the army's defensive needs.

The KLYB Foudnation
collection of clean drinking water for the residents of Nikolaev, a city that has been cut off from regular water supplies for several months.

Marsh Zhinok
a feminist organization that runs three centers for women with children who have had to leave their homes because of the war.

The "Be" Foundation
one of the few Polish initiatives that continues to collect and send medicine and medical equipment to Ukraine. The foundation also runs a program to integrate and help Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

SDK "Sunflower"
An open, solidarity-based, multilingual and multicultural community center operating in MSN Warsaw. The "Sunflower" collective supports aid activities in Poland and Ukraine, and together with migrants and refugees from Ukraine runs an ongoing educational, cultural and integration program.

Donations for "Słonecznik" can be made to the account of the Society of Friends of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (3 Pańska St., 00-124 Warsaw).
Account in PLN: (IBAN) PL61 1140 2004 0000 3002 8222 4063
Account in EUR: (IBAN) PL62 1140 2004 0000 3012 0763 6055

Long live free Ukraine!

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