Architectural Dissonances

  • Architectural Dissonances

The compositions, essays, videos and architectural projects in this collection explore strategies and technologies of investigating beyond the predominantly Western modernist architectural format and the main framework for today's uncontested architectural sites, trying to obscure, contradict or amplify on the notions of modernity.

Through the approach of decolonial thinking being and doing one question that emerges is how to fundamentally rethink and offer ways to reimagine society through spatial practice – beyond the utopian universalist constraints conceived within modern architecture.

“Recognizing the limits and slips of academic disciplines such as architecture, art history, museology and curating, and encouraging practices of unlearning, our energy is therefore to situate a critical conversation around decolonization in Europe but through challenging Western epistemologies in relation to architecture, living and working spaces, territories of care, urban and rural planning” - says Corina Oprea in an editorial foreword.

With contributions by Laércio Redondo, Ayedin Ronaghi, Lais Myrrha, Harun Morrison, Itohan Osayimwese, Emilio Distretti and Alessandro Petti, Roberta Burchardt and Tatiana Pinto, Joar Nango, Suha Hasan, Victoria Ogoegbunam Okoye, Malin Heyman and Sepideh Karami.

Editors: Corina Oprea, Alessandro Petti, Marie-Louise Richards, Tatiana Pinto, and Roberta Burchardt.

Published by L’Internationale Online, in collaboration with the Decolonizing Architecture Advanced Studies program at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

"Architectural Dissonances" is available in pdf or here also as ePub.

Architectural Dissonances