\"The Capsule\"
A projection as part of \"The Museum Enters The Square\" series

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“Seven young women. A house suspended on a steep rock on Cyclades. Lessons of discipline, desire and epiphany. Melancholy that accompanies the crossing of a border between childhood and maturity.”

A film inspired by drawings of a Polish artist Agnieszka Waliszewska, a painter who has primarily focused on gouaches in recent years. Her works teem with such recurring topics as oppression, tortures, sexual obedience and animalization (understood as hybrids of species and blood-thirsty behaviour). Victims (less often tormentors) are women, left at the mercy of subhuman beasts and sadistic men. The heroines of her works are often young girls who experience adolescence as a traumatic process characterized by violence and humiliation.

The film was shot by a Greek director Athina Tsangari in 2010. It premiered during the International Film Festival in Locarno and had a special presentation at the dOCUMENTA (13) exhibition in Kassel.

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