Filmoteka Muzeum

Documentation of Marek Rogulski's performance Osmosis from 2011, which was held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Rogulski's artistic practice, organised at the Pionova Gallery in Gdańsk.

The execution of the work was adjusted specifically to the gallery interior, where the artist tapped into the tectonic structure of the building in order to determine coordinates that functioned as reference points for the subsequent phases of the performance. During the culmination, the performer, who found himself inside a partly transparent container, disappeared from the eyes of the audience. Attached to his head was a camera that enabled him to record images underwater. Another camera was fixed to the end of a several metre long jib, which was raised during the action. The camera transmitted the image in the form of a projection on the wall and recorded the performance at the same time. Another camera on a jib, equipped with a photoelectric cell, recorded the subsequent stages of the action from above. The record had a random character – it resulted from a reaction of the motion-sensitive “photoelectric trap.” The action concluded with a documentation of the occurring transformations – a symbolic osmosis.

Quoted from: Działanie Osmoza – projekt Poza Postmodernizm (

Year: 2011
Duration: 10'43"
Language: Polish

© Marek Rogulski