Filmoteka Muzeum

Documentation of Marek Rogulski's performance Machina Coelestis from 1997, which was held in an area of a post-glacial moraine near Gdańsk. The music for the video footage was created by a trio comprising Jerzy Mazzoll (clarinet), Wojciech Mazolewski (double bass), Marek Rogulski (double bass).

In Machina Coelestis, Rogulski evokes shamanistic motifs, which frequently occur in his artistic practice. The action was held in an area of a post-glacial moraine and relied on such props as coffins and skulls, which lent it a post-apocalyptic appeal. Rogulski's performance acquires the character of a ritual. The artist becomes entranced in search of primal energy and seeks contact with higher spiritual spheres.


Year: 1997
Duration: 7'21"
Language: no language

© Marek Rogulski