Auditorium Moscow

Auditorium Moscow was a self-educational initiative, a place for meeting and discussion, and an exhibition initiated by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in cooperation with curators Ekaterina Degot and David Riff.

In the project Auditorium Moscow, the curators tested the hypothesis of a new public platform for contemporary art at the very center of the city of Moscow and at the heart of its contradictions. Drawing upon the experiences and the collection of the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, it projected a school, a club, and an exhibition that unfolded not only in space but also in time. Over the course of four weeks, Auditorium Moscow offered a dense program of workshops, screenings, and roundtables with artists and theoreticians from Poland, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and Latin America, examining the question of urbanism and public space, as well as socio-political activism and its boundaries.