Auditorium Moscow
Haim Sokol, Matthijs de Bruijne and Christian von Borries

Screening of four stage videos, made with the help of workers from Kirgyzstan. In the films "Oath," "I am Spartacus", "Rome," and "Red Tape" contemporary workers play unaccustomed roles defined by the history of art and political thought.

As Haim Sokol writes, he tries to use the prisma of Giorgio Agamben's philosophy to "use art to think through the reality of the big city, the conditions of labor, and the life of illegal workers and of course the relation of this reality to art." The screening were followed by a discussion with David Riff.

"Maintenance Work and Beyond". Artists Haim Sokol, Matthijs de Bruijne, Christian von Borries join in discussion with David Riff on culture as maintenance work on the one hand and what culture can bring to maintenance workers unions on the other.