Auditorium Moscow
Christian von Borries. MOCRACY - NEVERLAND IN ME

Since the 1980s, this world has been characterized by four developments: the growth of political democracy, the growth of Online Democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.

MOCRACY examines consumerism, capitalism, oppression, misery rule and the help industry. People become a mass ornament, architecture a tuning tool for societies, self optimizing in file. Charity is the other side of democracy, while democracy appeares as a lifestyle option for the rich. Michael Jackson is the soundtrack of the neoliberal 80s, a choreography of democracy. The film itself is imitating democracy in a nutshell, representing failing polyphony. In this sense, MOCRACY is a musical journey through Kasachstan, Kosovo, Pyonyong, Detroit and Berlin, a neverland, the utopia of a non-place, where the film clip serves as a misappropriation of the individual torso.

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