Guided tour in English
Oprowadzanie po angielsku

  • [na zdjęciu osoba w żółtym swetrze patrzy na obraz, na którym jest kilka odcieni żółtego, pomarańczowy i czerwony]

    fot. Marta Ejsmont

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites you to a guided tour of the exhibition „Refugees Welcome. Artists for refugees” in English.

The Refugees Welcome exhibition and charity art auction is an initiative of solidarity enabling fundraising to assist refugees. The auction proceeds will be devoted to two programmes of the Ocalenie Foundation: Refugees Welcome Poland and the Help Centre for Foreigners. ​​The first one connects refugees with Poles who are willing to share their homes with them. The second one provides, among other services, free legal and psychological assistance, as well as offers support in everyday tasks, such as contacting offices, schools and hospitals.

The numbered works have been provided by the artists for auction. The other works broaden the narrative of contemporary migrations.
The auction and the exhibition are devoted to the ideal of equality and a belief that assistance should not be conditioned on race, religion, or ethnic or cultural affiliation. Human rights are inalienable and belong to everyone.

All Refugees Welcome!

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