Armed and Dangerous
Mykola Ridnyi's film screening

  • Armed and Dangerous
    Still from "Armed and Dangerous", 2017– 2018, video series, episodes 1– 4, 35'. Courtesy of the artist.

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites the public to the Museum on the Vistula River for a film program, which will be presented by the artist Mykola Ridnyi.

“Armed and Dangerous” is a screening programme and online platform curated by Mykola Ridnyi. It explores the militarization of society and, in particular, the attitude of the Ukrainian youth to violence and weapons.

Outbursts of violence in public space have become more frequent over the past few years. Alongside the increase in criminal acts, all forms of violence based on intolerance are increasing including national, racial, gender and religious-based violence. Regular brutal attacks by the far-right on Roma communities, LGBTQ+ representatives, and left-liberal artistic and political activists have been recorded. 

The sreening is part of the public program of the “Never Again. Art against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st centuries” exhibition.

Mykola Ridnyi

artist, video creator, and curator, graduate of the National Academy of Design and Arts in Kharkiv, co-founder of the SOSka art collective. Ridnyi focuses on seeking both common points and discrepancies between the individual experience of political processes and the collective construing of history.

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