Post-competition exhibition
of projects created as part of the competition for the concept of a viewpoint on the construction site of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

  • Post-competition exhibition

    Grand prize | Entry 03 – 94 Studio, Poznań

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw presents an exhibition of projects created as part of the competition for the concept of a viewpoint on the construction site of the new museum headquarters.

The Museum is under construcion. The investment, located on Defilad Square by the west side of Marszałkowska street, begun in early 2019. The building was designed by the New York City-based architecture studio Thomas Phifer and Partners, selected through a procedure known as advertised negotiations with an announcement in 2014. It’s the first in a series of steps taken towards rebuilding this area of the city, that will transform Defilad Square into Central Square. The Museum together with the new TR Warszawa theater building comprises a complex.

The aim of the competition was to select a design for a temporary observation point next to the construction site of the Museum. The structure will also serve as an information centre, acquainting visitors with the institution and its construction process. Our intention was for the view point to become a symbol of the ongoing investment. We sought an intellectually stimulating and engaging design; an intriguing form to attract and encourage the audience to learn more about the Museum.

The jury rated the level of submitted designs and their presentation as equally high. They displayed an exceptional understanding of a contemporary art institution’s mission, but also took the urban context of the city centre into consideration, with the neighbouring“East Wall” of Marszałkowska street as well as the proximity of the Palace of Culture and Science. The allusions to the tradition of art in public space, concern for broad access to the proposed solutions, and the creative employment of the long-lasting debate surrounding the development of Defilad Square (now Central Square) were also appreciated by the jury.

A total of 33 entries were submitted into the competition. The jury decided to award the grand prize—execution of the winning design—to 94 Studio from Poznań (made up of Klaudia Gołaszewska, Marek Grodzicki, Kinga Grzybowska, Michał Hondo, Jakub Wójtowicz and Filip Zieliński). Three honourable mentions were also awarded, in the form of two-month internships at the museum, Warbud SA, and APA Wojciechowski sp. z o.o., to Agata Holdenmajer and Hugon Kowalski; Martyna Rowicka and Michał Michałowski; and Tomasz Czuban. The observation point will be erected under the contract with Warbud SA for construction of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. At the exhibition we present all 33 competition works.

Construction of the Museum of Modern Art is funded by the Capital City of Warsaw.

01. Paweł Wołejsza
02. Beata Rytel
03. 94 Studio (Klaudia Gołaszewska, Kinga Grzybowska, Marek Grodzicki, Michał Hondo, Jakub Wójtowicz, Filip Zieliński)
04. Joanna Roguszczak, Olga Kiedrowicz
05. Kamila Momot
06. Karolina Kajda, Paweł Bejm
07. Daniel Małek
08. Katarzyna Posiewała
09. Esche Lionel
10. Kamil Ambrozik, Krzysztof Wiśniewski
11. Adrianna Majczyk, Michał Aleksander Garbacik
12. Aniela Wasiak, Aleksandra Pendrasik, Kacper Borek
13. Michał Karol
14. Kacper Janicki
15. Karolina Nawojska 
16. Jan Kusior, Mikołaj Kusior
17. Marcin Stępień 
18. Agata Holdenmajer, Hugon Kowalski
19. Krzysztof Krakówko
20. Monika Kalinowska
21. Martyna Rowicka, Michał Michałowski
22. Marta Mazurkiewicz, Katarzyna Weirauch
23. Urszula Prokop, Magdalena Walczak, Olga Czeranowska-Panufnik, Iwona Pawlak, Marta Róża Żak
24. Mikołaj Niewęgłowski
25. Anna Odulińska, Joanna Lewańska
26. Jakub Drewnik
27. Dobrochna Gach, Julia Pałęga, Anna Borkowska
28. Katarzyna Wankiewicz, Bartosz Stanek, Wiktor Milaszewski
29. Palmett sp. z o.o. sp. k. (Aleksandra Kawa, Michał Gzela, Bartłomiej Gasparski) 30. Jakub Gondorowicz , Wojciech Hryszkiewicz, Aleksander Maciak
31. Magda Palczowska, Piotr Pańczyk
32. Tomasz Czuban
33. Kuba Krysiak

Mikołaj Mundzik (Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw),
Małgorzata Nowaczyk (City of Warsaw),
Justyna Siemiradzka (Warbud SA),
Szymon Wojciechowski (APA Wojciechowski sp. z o.o.).

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