The Penumbral Age. Newspaper no. 1

The presented "The Penumbral Age" newspaper accompanies “The Penumbral Age. Art in the Time of Planetary Change” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. It contains a complete catalogue of the works of seventy two artists participating in the exhibition.

From the curator's introduction:

"We live in a time of planetary change affecting each and every one of us. Climate change influences every sphere of life, including thinking about art: the systems of its production and distribution, its social function and its relation to other disciplines, especially science. [...]

Art will certainly not protect us against catastrophe, but it can help us arm ourselves with “strange tools” for the work of imagination and empathy. In her memorable manifesto from 1969, Mierle Laderman Ukeles posed the question: “After the revolution, who’s going to pick up the garbage on Monday morning?” In works of art from recent decades we not only seek a visualization of processes occurring on our planet, but also discern possible proposals for the future". 

The publication is available to download both in Polish and English in a PDF format:
"The Penumbral Age" | Newspaper no. 1

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