Filmoteka Muzeum

Following the convention of a music video, the film is a hilarious story of a twenty-year-old heroine living her life in the countryside. It is also a subjective guide to the “poor village of Kurówko,” which shows the place through the prism of various trivial events and memories.

The village provides a backdrop for the girl’s performance – through her behaviour and attire she manifests her distance and detachment from the surrounding places and social sphere. The protagonist speaks out about her village and her own place in that microcosm, so unrewarding and limiting from her perspective.

Even though her complaints are not entirely ungrounded, the form of the film turns it into something different than a mere critical commentary on the rural reality and the lack of prospects for young people. The work celebrates and mocks at the same time the themes of the body and sexuality by presenting them through stereotypes that carry connotations of the countryside (“disco-polo” music, frivolous poses, kitsch).

References to other projects by Rycharski appear throughout the film (such as the rural street-art initiative), thus indicating the avenues of the artist’s future development.


Year: 2008
Duration: 6'39"
Language: Polish

© Daniel Rycharski

Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit