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Andrzej Paruzel, co-founder of “Zespół T” (group affiliated with the Film School in Łodź in the 1970s, comprising Tomasz Kołodrubiec, Tomasz Konart, Janusz Szczerek and Piotr Weychert), attempts in Video-Photographic Situations at a redefinition of seeing as a means of communication. He uses a set of cameras and screens, creating a video installation space in which he moves. The artist wrote: “A person entering the video installation stands a chance in the process of discovering its structure to reveal the operation of one’s own cognitive structures owing to the potential of manipulation and in the scope of stimuli processed by the system and in itself.”

References: M. Jankowska, Wideo, wideo instalacja, wideo performance w Polsce w latach 1973-1994. Historia, artyści, dzieła, Warsaw 2004.


Year: 1976
Duration: 2'09"
Language: no language
Source: VHS

© Andrzej Paruzel

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