Filmoteka Muzeum

A film which is ironically related to the habit of immediate detection of meanings and textual interpretations in a representational film. The film perversely plays with the processes and mechanisms through which cinematic meaning is produced. Kwiek divided it into two parts. In the first, the screen is completely dark as the artist describes the process of making the film. The second part is a silent projection of the film that Kwiek described in the first part. Within this structure, Kwiek collides visualisations of two kinds. Mental images of a given situation, created in our minds and based on Kwiek’s story from the first part of the movie, collide with the actual images of the situation, recorded on a film and perceived by the viewer in the second part. Me and the Telephone allows the artist to analyse the relations between text and image in a very conceptual manner. The mind of the viewer, which produces ‘visualisations of text’ in the first part and ‘textualisations of image’ in the second, becomes the space in which these operations are conducted.

Quoted from: Image/Text. Film programme, Tate Modern, curated by Ł. Ronduda and M. Woliński, November 25, 2006.

Year: 1972
Duration: 6'03"
Language: English
Source: 35 mm

© Paweł Kwiek, courtesy ARTon Foundation