• Paweł Kwiek, Inter-drawings, 1979

    Paweł Kwiek, \"Inter-drawings\", fot. Karol Kaczorowski
  • Paweł Kwiek, Inter-drawings, 1979

    Paweł Kwiek, \"Inter-drawings\", fot. Bartosz Stawiarski
  • Paweł Kwiek, Inter-drawings, 1979

    Paweł Kwiek, \"Inter-drawings\", fot. Bartosz Stawiarski

The table to Inter-drawings was created in 1979 – on both of its sides, the artist installed metal arms with attached magic markers. The arms could be controlled so that it was possible to draw. Another arm was mounted in the middle, also with a marker attached – this one was steered by the movements of the other two. The artists would invite two persons to draw at the same time, their task was to make their own drawing, on their sides of the table.

As a result, a third drawing was created (by the third marker), which served as a metaphor of consensus, an interaction between the two persons drawing. Paweł Kwiek presented and used the table at an event in 1980 at the Ślad gallery in Łódź. A unique photographic documentation survived from that show, though the object itself disappeared. Its replica was made in 2008 and the artist repeated his performance, inviting prominent Polish artists to do the drawing, including Agata Bogacka, Józef Robakowski, Edward Dwurnik.

Year: 1979/2008
Medium: multi-element space installation, film
Format: table - 100x280, drawings - 30x40, 50x60, 100x70

Acquisition: purchase
Ownership form: collection
Source: Paweł Kwiek
Index: MSN:4300-9/2013
Acquisition date:
Financing source: Purchased with the support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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