Filmoteka Muzeum

The installation comprises four video structures and four audio structures operating simultaneously in a closed space. The project focusses on delicate micro-events and subtle changes. Intricate and ephemeral, the minimalist geometrical light phenomena compel the sharpening of perception and generate a myriad illusions and mirages. The sound structures – non-narrative and frozen in time – are composed to accompany individual images.

Individual layers of imagery and sound witness slow transformations extended in time, which generate micro-relations between the ascetic structures, building a transparent oneiric environment. The piece is characterised by a transparent and fragile process of transformation and interference. The phenomena in question occur both within individual structures and between them.

The installation PASS | ED is a space of transformation, a fragile, imperceptible passage. The visual layer consists of a creative record of a natural optical phenomenon, an effect of extended, painstaking observation.

Year: 2010
Duration: 7'16"
Language: no language

© Anna Zaradny

Acquisition date: Jun 12, 2012
Acquisition: deposit
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