Filmoteka Muzeum

According to its author’s own words, the film (part of the series War-Saw) is a ‘neurotic’ document of the first weeks of the martial law (December 1981 – January 1982). It combines the ‘cold’ methodology of analytical art with a sense of existential drama and hopelessness . The film’s structure follows a rigid, rational principle – each sequence has the camera, held each time by a different person, rotating around its own axis. This constant neo-constructivist repetition becomes a metaphor of the vicious circle in which the film’s protagonists, who can do nothing else but wait passively for things to change, have found themselves.

Music: Brygada Kryzys

Featuring: Tomasz Sikorski, Tomasz Lipiński, Zbyszek Olkiewicz, Kasia Kobzdej, Asia Ciba


Year: 1981
Duration: 6'04''
Language: English
Source: 8 mm

© Tomasz Sikorski

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