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nieużyty materiał PKF nr 36079


In the 1970s, Natalia LL's artistic practice, hitherto centred primarily on photography, began to embrace also new fields, such as experimental film and video as well as performative actions. Renowned as one of the forerunners of Feminist art and body art in Poland, towards the end of the decade the artist began to explore the territories of mysticism and spirituality.

Bearing witness to those interests was the motif of pyramid – as a structure of specific spiritual and meditative properties – which recurred in the artist's practice of the period. The reportage shows the model of a pyramid built by the artist's husband Andrzej Lachowicz in Wrocław-Stabłowice. As Lachowicz explains, the pyramid is a place that favours meditation and releases spiritual energy.

The footage documents one of the seances within Natalia LL's performative cycle Dreaming. Several similar sessions were held in 1979 in the presented pyramid model near Wrocław. In the cycle, Natalia LL explored her interest in sleep as a common daily experience, which at the same time reveals a strong mystical dimension.

nieużyty materiał PKF nr 36079

Zdjęcia: Leszek Winnicki
Osoba: Natalia Lach-Lachowicz (Natalia LL) (artystka), Andrzej Lachowicz (artysta)
Obiekt: model piramidy
Zdarzenie: seans "Śnienie"
Czas akcji: 2 czerwca 1979
Miejsce akcji: Wrocław-Stabłowice, Wrocław
Prawa: WFDiF

Year: 1979
Duration: 1'35"
Language: Polish

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