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The fifth Spatial Forms Biennale in Elbląg’s Galeria El was organized under the banner of Cinemalaboratory. The ideological objectives of the event were formulated by the Workshop of the Film Form (WFF). The biennale’s guide reads: ‘Cinemalaboratory is an international confrontation with new cinema. We discuss only the problem of the language of film. Cinemalaboratory is a forum for artists interested in the revival of the film form.’ During the event, Paweł Kwiek offered to the participating artists an opportunity to realize their concepts and to make short, one-minute films. He provided them with a film crew, a 35-mm camera and a tripod. (Paweł had staged a similar action with young people from the village of Niechcice several months before). Individual sequences by different authors were later to be put together into one longer film. Przemysław Kwiek and Zofia Kulik declined the offer to make a separate one-minute clip, but instead decided to make a series of film takes, each between ten and twenty-seconds long, that would provide a commentary to the films by the other artists. KwieKulik participated (as observers) in all the productions and upon their completion invented and performed their own short Activities. This kind of behaviour could be best described by the term Join In. KwieKulik classified their film productions during Cinemalaboratory as Parasitic Art.

Quoted from: KwieKulik, ed. Ł. Ronduda, G. Scholhammer, Warszawa 2012.

Year: 1973
Duration: 10'23"
Language: no language
Place: Galeria El, Elbląg
Source: 35 mm

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