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PKF 9A/68, temat 7

Iodine – happening at Krzysztofory

Reportage from the happening titled Iodine, held on the 9th of February 1968 at the Krzysztofory gallery in Cracow. Based on the viewers' participation, the action was organised by Cracow students from the circle of Tadeusz Kantor and his theatre Cricot 2: Jacek Stokłosa as well as brothers Lesław and Wacław Janicki (who jointly formed the artistic group Druga Grupa).

The happening revolved around the body of a dilapidated vehicle. A girl sitting inside was throwing her clothes out of the window. Strong lights and active heaters filled the room with sweltering heat. The participants were pumping up giant tractor tubes to the accompaniment of a deafening soundtrack as well as a melody played on violin and the voice of a speaker reading out the letters of the alphabet. Another participant cooled the gathered people with water from a soda siphon and ice.

Iodine was one of three happenings organised by Druga Grupa in 1968 at Krzysztofory. The other actions were Quartz, in which the artists transformed the space into a beach, and the happening titled Ixi, which revealed a political underpinning related to the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia.

PKF 9A/68, temat 7

Komentarz: Karol Małcużyński
Lektor: Włodzimierz Kmicik
Zdjęcia: Henryk Makarewicz
Opracowanie dźwiękowe: Marta Kędzierzawska-Broczkowska
Montaż: Wacław Kaźmierczak
Numer tematu: 7
Osoba: Tadeusz Kantor (artysta sztuk wizualnych), Jacek Maria Stokłosa (fotografik, grafik), Lesław Janicki (aktor teatralny i filmowy), Wacław Janicki (aktor teatralny i filmowy)
Obiekt: Piwnica Krzysztofory
Zdarzenie: happening “Jod”
Czas akcji: 9.02.1968
Miejsce akcji: Kraków
Produkcja: Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych (Warszawa)
Prawa: WFDiF
Format dźwięku: mono
Format klatki: 4:3
System koloru: czarno-biały

Year: 1968
Duration: 1'08"
Language: Polish

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