Wanderings With Zofia Rydet
A meeting with Anna Beata Bohdziewicz

Anna Beata Bohdziewicz gives an account of her acquaintance with Zofia Rydet, a few common trips abroad on the occasion of participating in the same exhibitions, and last but not least, of the two weeks spent with Rydet wandering from village to village in the Podhale region, places the artist had photographed before.

Bohdziewicz’s interest lay above all in Zofia Rydet’s extraordinary personality, they way she photographed and how it all influenced the shape of the Record.

Anna Beata Bohdziewicz - Photographer, journalist and curator. Studied Polish archeology and ethnography at the University of Warsaw. Worked in film, among others as set assistant and second unit director. Her Fotodziennik czyli piosenka o końcu świata (Photo-diary, or, the Song of the World’s End), started in 1982 and continued until today, remains her most well-known work; some critics claim it can be compared to Zofia Rydet’s Record.

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