"Don't you dare to write". Concert by Wiktor Okrój

The concert is the result of a collaboration between the Cracow visual artist Joanna Pawlik and her outsider friends - Wiktor Okrój and Agata Wąsik.

The “Don't You Dare Write” concert is the first performance of amateur musician Wiktor Okrój's music pieces. The artist has been composing music and writing lyrics since 2006 that have not yet been presented in front of a wider audience.

The concert's director, Joanna Pawlik, who works with Okrój on a daily basis in the Artes workshop in Cracow, invited musicians Paulina Owczarek and Ernest Ogórek, as well as Paweł Tomaszewski, a renowned film and theater actor, to cooperate on the performance.

Okrój creates music using music software and a synthesizer. His electronic pieces were played back from the computer during the concert, and will serve as a theme for the musicians’ free improvisation. The music will also be the background for an interpretation of Okrój's lyrics by Tomaszewski and the singer himself.

Lyrics: Wiktor Okrój
Music: Wiktor Okrój, Paulina Owczarek and Ernest Ogórek
Performers: Paweł Tomaszewski, Paulina Owczarek, Ernest Ogórek, Wiktor Okrój
Script and direction: Joanna Pawlik

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