Frontlines: natural and digital
Internationalism After the End of Globalisation

The second part of the "Never Again: Art against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st Centuries" conference was the summit "Internationalism after the end of globalisation".

Following the famous 11th thesis on Feuerbach, the aim of the summit was not only to reflect upon the failures of globalisation, but to revisit internationalism as an unfinished project.

Frontlines: natural and digital

Joanna Bednarek, "Fear and Curiosity: Reading H.P. Lovecraft in Times of the Anthropocene"

Joanna Bednarek

philosopher, translator and writer Author of the books „Politics Beyond Form. Ontological determinations of poststructuralist political philosophy”, „Lines of Femininity. How Sexual Difference Transformed Literature and Philosophy?”, „Life that Speaks. Modern Community and Animals”, and „Origin of the Family”. Member of the editorial board of the journal „Praktyka Teoretyczna”. She translated (among others) Rosi Braidotti, Donna Haraway and Karen Barad. Collaborator of „Krytyka Polityczna” in the years 2006-2009. Her fields of interest are: poststructuralism, feminism, autonomist marxism and literature.

Tomislav Medak, "Accelerated Technocapitalism and the Politics of Non-Complicity"

Tomislav Medak

doctoral student at the Coventry University’s Centre for Postdigital Cultures. Member of the theory and publishing team of the Multimedia Institute/MAMA in Zagreb, amateur librarian for the Memory of the World/Public library project, and artist in the performing arts collective BADco. His research interests are in technology, capitalist development and post-capitalist transition, with a particular focus on environmental crisis, political economy of intellectual property and unevenness of techno-science. His writing can be found at:

Ana Teixeira Pinto, "Capitalism with a Transhuman Face: The Afterlife of Fascism and the Digital Frontier"

Ana Teixeira Pinto

writer and cultural theorist based in Berlin. She is a lecturer at the DAI (Dutch Art Institute) and Leuphana University, Lüneburg. Her writings have appeared in publications such as Third Text, Afterall, Springerin, Camera Austria, e-flux journal, Mousse, Frieze, Domus, Inaesthetics, Manifesta Journal, or Texte zur Kunst. She is the editor of The Reluctant Narrator (Sternberg Press, 2014) and of a forthcoming book series on the antipolitical turn, to be published by Sternberg Press

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