Artists archives

The Archives of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw are both - a project of digitalisation and presentation of archives of the artistic practices after 1945.

Our aim is to create an online database, which on the one hand will simplify the research conduct and on the other will enable to popularize the most interesting contemporary art phenomena.

Among the presented data there are unconventional pieces of art: publications, art zines, photographic documentation, texts written by the artists, private documents and letters or – by contrast – official ones, revealing the conditions of the artistic life. They show how the artists got involved in the reality, also the social and political one, what did they want to achieve and how did they use their new creative methods. Most of the presented here data has never been available on a large-scale.

So far, as part of the Contemporary Art Archives, we have compiled the archives of selected artists or artistic phenomena, which now constitute separate sets.