Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Two films whose titles reference the renowned drama by Shakespeare. In the first one, we see a close-up of the face of the artist, who looks to the sides, moving his eyeballs to the rhythm of Johannes Brahms’s Hungarian Dance No. 5.

The second work is an almost still composition featuring female legs in red high heeled shoes seen from the knees downwards. A lot remains here in the sphere of guesswork, and the image can be taken in as marked for subtle eroticism. However, all understatements disappear abruptly once the model’s underwear falls down on the floor, which comes as a pungent accent to finish the film.

Like in other Rzepecki’s works, here the artist leaves a considerable space for guesswork and suppositions of the viewer, who thus fills this film-based ready-made with their own meanings.