Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

The apparently sad or moved protagonist stares into the camera taking one drag of his cigarette after another. His gaze goes further, beyond the camera – into the unknown space inaccessible to the viewer. Therefore he himself becomes a viewer, thus locating within the scope of the film not only his own gaze and emotions, but also the mysterious object of observation.

The artist leaves here plenty of space for the viewer to make their own suppositions, thus allowing them to fill the work with their own content. The film reaches its climax when the camera moves back. It turns out that the protagonist is sitting with living carps in a bath full of water.

This absurd and at the same time bitter image makes manifest the characteristic strategy of Adam Rzepecki and the collective Łódź Kaliska, of which the artist is a member, referred to as SOC-SUR-DADA.