Échange entre artistes 1931-1982 Poland-USA (1-42/42)

The originator and instigator of the exchange was Henryk Stażewski, along with Anka Ptaszkowska and Pontus Hulten. The idea of a donation and direct exchange of works between artists pertained to the history of Museum Of Art in Łódź which was founded by artists (e.g., Stażewski) and whose first collection consisted of donated works of art. Works by Polish artists were supposed to be sent to Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and works by American artists would in return be added to the collection of Museum of Art in Łódz. The exhibition of donated works was opened in Musée d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris in 1982 during martial law in Poland. Afterward, both collections were shipped to Polish and American institutions. Most of the artists involved in the project on the Polish side were associated with the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw.