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Ski Scenes with Franz Klammer is an example of a creative biographic document, a “film about an authentic person who was involved in his own non-film life, and whose biography and achievements were visualised by a given artist using the power of their imagination”. Paradoxical already in its name, the “creative document” genre saw its heyday in the 1970s among artists related to the Educational Film Studio in Łódź and the Studio of Small Film Forms SE-MA-FOR. That was were the film by Dziworski, Kargl and Rybczyński was produced, devoted to the famous Austrian ski racer of late-1970s. The visual layer of the film is dominated by such means of expression as slow motion and fast forwarded reversed images, combining colour and monochrome recording or deliberate editing “imperfections” (stumbling frames, lack of logical continuity, leaps on the axis of action, lighting anomalies, excessive use of wide angle takes, etc.).

References: Polish New Wave. The History of a Phenomenon that Never Existed, eds. Ł. Ronduda, B. Piwowarska, Warsaw 2008.


Year: 1980
Duration: 20'40''
Language: no language
Source: 35 mm

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