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Groping One’s Way documents open air artistic games which Oskar Hansen, professor at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, organised for his students. The games were aimed at developing the students’ ability to “consciously model their artistic surroundings”. The participating students and assistants (Jan S. Wojciechowski, Grzegorz Kowalski, Wiktor Gutt) would choose one of the indicated topics and interpret it visually together or in smaller teams. The most important factor while performing the tasks was the interaction with the group and the surrounding landscape – facilitated by additional objects, such as large sheets of paper or colourful bands. “The goal of the game is joint participation in the creative process and in experiencing artistic phenomena from the scale of a sheet of paper to a broad landscape”, as Hansen explained. Andrejew’s film is not merely a footage of the game. The director considered capturing the events on camera as his own form of participation in the exercise, trying to translate the actions and visual sensations of the students into the film language. What emerged is a dynamic, non-linear narration based on sharp cuts and action-enhancing soundtrack, which enables the audience to find themselves right in the middle of Hansen’s game.

Contributors: Piotr Andrejew (screenplay and directing), Zbigniew Rybczyński, Zbigniew Wichłacz i Jerzy Zieliński (director of photography).

References: 1, 2, 3, Avant-Garde. Film/Art between Experiment and Archive, Warsaw 2007; O. Hansen, Zobaczyć świat, Warsaw 2005.


Year: 1975
Duration: 11'13''
Language: Polish (english subtitles)
Source: 35 mm

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