Open Museum 2011/2012

The program of the Open Museum has been inspired by Oskar Hansen’s concept of Open Form.

We stress the importance of mutual learning to replace traditional hierarchical passing of knowledge. We aim at continuous translation of specialist knowledge into categories understandable for all. Not afraid to assume a role of amateurs, we trespass on closed areas of specialist knowledge, and make them open for the public. It is vital for us to build a common dictionary for professionals from different areas and establish cooperation among them. The Open Museum is a museum of open knowledge.

Open Academy

The series is realized in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (location: the Main Hall of the Academy).

Critics and critics

Prepared by Dorota Jarecka, this is a series of open workshops. As part of it, we analyze the condition of contemporary art critique and want to learn about its capabilities. Who is the critic? What kind of language should they use? Who should they address? In each of the five meetings we will host art critics from abroad: Adrian Searle, „The Guardian”; Jeniffer Allen, „Frieze Art Magazine”; Ekaterina Degot,; Elisabeth Lebovici; Raluca Voine.

After photojournalism. What’s next?

Prepared by Krzysztof Pijarski and Adam Mazur, a series of meetings with artists who – each of them in their own way – redefined contemporary understanding of photography, or showed that in the seemingly exhausted conventions of presentation there still hides a huge critical potential.

New Social Movements

A seminar organized by Team Analysis of Social Movements, hosted and moderated by Paweł Kuczyński and Łukasz Jurczyszy.

New Floor

Organized in collaboration with the magazine dedicated to architecture „Architektura-Murator”, New Floor is a series of monthly meetings with architects, designers and graphic designers, among others with: Libido Architects, Gogo dizajn, Ola Osadzińska, Agata Kosmacz, mokoarchitects, Magdalena Tekieli.