Reconstruction Group

The Reconstruction Group was established in spring 2017 as an element‬ of the Sculpture Park program in Bródno, in cooperation with young people‬ ‪participating in the program Dig the Museum and students of the Faculty‬ ‪Visual Culture Management at the Academy of Arts in‬ ‪Warsaw.‬ ‪Over time the Group has become an independent platform whose goal it is to ‪search‬ for ‪new meanings and applications of works and artistic practices from the 20th and 21st centuries.

‪The actions of the Reconstructive Group consist of‬ ‪'participatory lectures' using art history in practice, through‬ ‪repetitions and reconstructions.‬ ‪The group uses artistic resources such as ‪scenarios of the Museum of Arte Útil collected by the Cuban artist Tania‬ ‪Bruguera, instructions created by conceptual artists in the 1960s and‬ ‪1970s, ‪scores of experimental composers, architects and‬ ‪choreographers.‬ ‪Reconstruction is not only a vivid lesson in the history of art, it is also a test of the ‬‪vitality and effectiveness of artistic proposals from the past.‬ ‪Through ‪re-enactment, art becomes a part of everyday life: a gathering,‬ a ‪common tree planting, investigating a city or civic‬ disobedience

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