Polish Performance Archive

Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

“The eponymous platform is yet another device coming from our future; this one can be used in therapy of physical organs. Carried out in front of the audience, the construction-based action consists in building a prototype of a medical device based on triangles and wheels. The object adopts one of the possible future forms of a device serving to modify DNA genotype and cellular memory models.

While close to the Platform, living organisms become renewed at the level of quantum matrices of their cells for any period of time backwards, prior to the emergence of a dysfunction that manifests itself as an illness. Then, the previous cell timeline is inserted in place of the current one. This seemingly outlandish concept originating from 2005 has been confirmed in modern-day reports from whistleblower Corey Goode concerning technologies deployed within a secret space exploration programme” – Andrzej Miastkowski (Egon Fietke) comments on the work.

The artist often designs potential versions of the future, thus developing a counterpart of science-fiction in visual arts. Miastkowski brings to life new animal species (cycle Nature Design for New Life-Hosting Planets [Projekt przyrody dla nowych planet przyjmujących życie]) or living machines that serve to cure organisms.

Several actions revolved around the Transmutation Platform (Platforma transmutacji) project:
Transmutation Platform – Mix 1 (Platforma transmutacji – mix 1), Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, 2006, exhibition Die Kunst ist Toth 3;
Transmutation Platform – Mix 2 (Platforma transmutacji – mix 2), Bielska Gallery BWA, 2009, exhibition Pathfinder. Beyond Postmodernism (Zwiadowca. Poza Postmodernizm);
Transmutation Platform – Mix 3 (Platforma transmutacji - mix 3), Modem Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, exhibition The Banana Republic. Polish Expression of the Eighties, Debrecen, Hungary, 2010.

Wspólnota Leeeżeć comprising: Andrzej Miastkowski vel Egon Fietke, sound: Jerzy Korzeń