• Thomas Hirschhorn, Candleholder with mannequin busts, 2006
  • Thomas Hirschhorn, Candleholder with mannequin busts, 2006

The installation “Chandelier avec bustes de mannequins” ("Candleholder with mannequin busts") has the form of a gigantic chandelier made of mannequins. It comes from a group of pieces created by the artist in 2006 dedicated to the issue of “deposits” (understood both in the geological and medical senses). What is important to the artist is the aspect of “hardening or tempering” the material – but also human attitudes. The artist describes the human condition: the will to compete, seek out the enemy and engage in physical confrontation and violence. The forging of attitudes and hiding out in the trenches of one’s own ideological positions creates, in effect, knots and tangles – like deposits or tumours on the social body. The deposit is symbolised by the tape-bound mannequins who create this peculiar chandelier which sheds no light and emanates no warmth.

Year: 2006
Medium: wood, brown tape, bubble wrap
Format: 280×470×170 cm

Acquisition: purchase
Ownership form: collection
Source: Katarzyna Prokesz
Index: MSN:4300-14/2014
Acquisition date:
Financing source: Purchased with the support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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