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  • Igor  Krenz, TV \

In 1985 a group of astronomers from the University of Toruń constructed in conspiracy their own TV transmission equipment and superimposed Solidarity slogans over official TV broadcasts. Tests to check the range and effectiveness of the transmitter were carried out by broadcasting small geometric shapes in the corner of the TV screen. In September 1985, during an official news broadcast and during an edition of the popular detecive series 07 Over and Out, the two following slogans appeared on the TV screen: „Solidarity Toruń. Enough of price rises, lies and repression" and „Solidarity Toruń. It is our duty to boycott the election." During the second broadcast, the activists of TV “S” were arrested.

Year: 2006
Medium: video
Format: 07:00

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Index: MSN: 4300-37/2012
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