Filmoteka Muzeum

Film based on the opposition between a very expressive image of the screaming artist and muted soundtrack. As Sikorski put it, the work came as a “reaction to the mounting tension” in the social-political sphere in the second half of 1980 in Poland – period spanning between the August Agreement in Gdańsk and the imposition of martial law, but also – “as an expression of the dissonance emerging at the time between the urge for normality and the uncertainty of tomorrow, between the individual and weak as well as the social and threatening.

The film was shot in the basement of Dziekanka in November 1980. As a result of several minutes of exerting his vocal chords, the artist lost his voice (to regain it only after a week).


Year: 1980
Duration: 2'33''
Language: no sound
Source: 16 mm

© Tomasz Sikorski

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