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Due to the imposition of martial law in Poland and suspending the operation of cultural institutions as of the 13th December 1981, Tomasz Sikorski moved the activity of his self-run Pracownia Dziekanka to a private sculpture workshop belonging to Dorota and Daniel Wnuk in Warsaw’s district of Mokotów.

Zbigniew Olkiewicz, DANCES, performance (with Tomasz Sikorski), 15th Feb 1982
Tomasz Sikorski: NO FUTURE, performance (with Zbyszek Olkiewicz and Grzegorz Piątkowski), 24th Feb 1982
Iain Robertson, Marysia Lewandowska: PROTECTIVE LIES, performance, 05/03/82
Joanna Krzysztoń, Dorota Wnuk, VERNISSAGE OF FOUND WORKS, group show, 10th Mar 1982
Jacek Kryszkowski; untitled performance, 12th Mar 1982
Roman Woźniak, untitled performance (with Kasia Kobzdej), 17th Mar 1982
Tomasz Sikorski, MIGRATION, group project at two venues and in three parts (with Asia Ciba, Joanna Krzysztoń, Zbyszek Olkiewicz, Dorota Wnuk and Kasia Wróbel) 26th Mar 1982.

The first part comes with the film where artists record an abandoned cold apartment in the military barracks in Ursynów, Warsaw, commenting on the state of existential precariousness and booming emigration (or the dream of it) from Poland during martial law. The second part presents the group settling down in their new venue, warmed up by artistic activity (Wnuk’s workshop). In turn, the third part consists in searching in the darkness for the faces of sleeping people with a searchlight. Who is the one to search? That scene was to reflect the state of threat, the fear of being searched for and the inevitability of an individual’s fate under totalitarian regime, released by martial law from any constraints.


Year: 1982
Duration: 14'45''
Language: no sound
Place: Dokumentacje zdarzeń artystycznych w pracowni Wnuka
Source: 16 mm

© Tomasz Sikorski

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