Filmoteka Muzeum

How to Train Little Girls is one of the most widely recognised works of the 1980s. Libera carries out simple operations: editing and replaying in slow motion the recorded material, presenting an ordinary household scene in which an adult woman shows a little girl how to use objects such as lipstick, a mirror, jewellery, etc.

Thus, the artist accentuates the permanent process of social training, aimed at performing specific gender roles. As the artist recalls: “For me, this was a phenomenal example of processes whose obviousness we are aware of, but which we usually don’t notice, don’t realise their presence in our lives.” The soundtrack features music by the band Sternenhoch, which Libera and Jerzy Truszkowski belonged to at the time.

Year: 1987
Duration: 16'46"
Language: no language
Source: VHS

© collection of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw