Filmoteka Muzeum

In 1984, Libera got hold of an NTSC video camera (brought from the US by Włodzimierz Adamiak, who bought it upon Libera’s request). At the time following his release from prison, the artist would spend time at home, where he started to make his first videos. He also became familiar with the practice of the artists from the Workshop of the Film Form , such as Józef Robakowski, Wojciech Bruszewski, etc.

The film shows Libera destroying papers, drawings and photos that eventually form a pile of scraps on the floor. Those were actualle his own works he decided to destroy. This work makes manifest Libera’s – as he himself calls it – relentless call for self-destruction (expressed also in Short Films (Composition for Electric Guitar).


Year: 1984
Duration: 0'23"
Language: no sound
Source: VHS

© Zbigniew Libera, courtesy Raster Gallery